• About

    Velsao beach is a clear white pristine beach that is one of the cleanest beaches in Goa. It is well known for its quiet and calm atmosphere with fresh air, silver sand and lush green landscape. The beach was once polluted due to the activity of a chemical fertilizer factory. However, due to continued efforts and protests by the public, the flora, fauna and fishing industry of the beach was restored.

    Getting there

    Prepaid taxis are available at the Dabolim airport which is 17 kms away. Velsao is 15 kms away from the railway station at Margao. Vasco-Da-Gama is the closest town at 14 kms, and has regular bus services to Velsao.

    Quick Facts

    • Velsao beach provides a clean and idyllic setting. The soft silver sand of the beach beckons you to take long walks along the shore, and the warm water is ideal for a calm relaxing swim.
    • The Queeny Hotel at Velsao is a deluxe hotel offering fine dining and rooms for accommodation. The Skye Grill at the Queeny is well known for its quiet ambience and specializes in charcoal grills, sizzlers and tandoor.