• About

    Famously known as ‘little Russia’, Morjim is located near Chapora and is known for its crystal clear water and palm streaked coastline. The word Morjim is derived from the goddess, ‘Morzai’. Morjim is home to the endangered Olive Ridley turtles who use the beach as a nesting spot.

    Getting there

    The closest railway station is at Pernem, at a distance of 18 kms and there are auto rickshaws and cabs available at the station to get to Morjim. The Dabolim airport is 60 kms away with a prepaid taxi service.There are buses available at Mapusa that travel through the southern and northern part of Morjim. Most places in Morjim are close-by and can be explored on foot. The closest bus stand is the Kadamba bus station at Mapusa which is 13 kms away. You can travel to Morjim from Panaji (28 kms) or Mapusa either by local bus or taxis.

    Quick Facts

    • Due to the wide expanse of the beach, kite surfing is a popular sport and can be viewed quite often during season time on a warm sunny evening. Goa Kite Surfing offers rentals and classes for this purpose and is open during season time from October to March.
    • A popular bird watching destination, one can view exotic birds such as the Sand Plover, Cuckoo, and Kingfisher etc in its natural habitat. The best time to visit is from mid October to February.