Ros Omelette

Ros Omelette is an omelette topped with gravy and served with bread on street stalls. The more crowded the stall, the better the dish.

Bhaji Pao

The Goan bhaji has stood the test of time and remains Goa's favourite mid-morning and evening snack




Also called Sheera, this is the only sweet in this list and is a regular draw in most Goan homes

Coupled with salad and sauce, this is one evening meal that fills you up before you hit the booze

The choris pao or the Goan sausage bread is another alluring temptation you will find along Goan roads in the evenings

Lining up Goa's quintessential cheap eats with the awesome Mr. Pao

Goan snacks go best with the Goan Pao. The dough of the pao is kneaded, mixed with just the right amount of flour, water and yeast and shaped by hand, and cooked in a traditional oven. The Pao has remained and will remain the common factor that unites mouth-watering snacks on Goan streets.

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