In the morning

The local tea shops here are excellent for a hearty breakfast and more importantly, one can catch up with the local gossip.

The afternoon

One can see the Ladkycho Vozar tumbling down the opposite cliff in slow, lazy luxury. This whole mass of water falling at such a height is absolutely mesmerizing and attracts many nature lovers in the monsoon.

In the evening

A good method of digesting your lunch is to take the short trek from the main road leading from Surla to the Barazan Waterfall.

Enjoy the beauty of the majestic Chorla Ghats in the monsoons.

What could be better than catching the Goan monsoons high up in the misty mountains? If you're lucky, then you drive right into the clouds and soak up the rains as the clouds burst. Watch the mountains drain the rain into the green valleys via gurgling streams. And finally catch these streams tumbling over cliffs forming awesome waterfalls!

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