Aguada fort

The Aguada fort skirts the seashore and ascends the summit of the bare rocky upland called ‘Aguada Point’

The fort of Alorna

The fort of Alorna lies in the village of Alorna, on the right bank of the river Chapora.

The fort of Chapora

This fort was intended for the defence of the river and was captured by the Sawant Bhonsle of Sawantwadi in 1739

The Reis Magos Fort

Though small in size, the fortress commands a splendid view of the surrounding areas.

The fort of Cabo Da Rama

The beautiful fort of Cabo De Rama offers a majestic view of the surrounding seas.

Fortress of Khorjuve

This fort was built to prevent an invasion from the Marathas.

A list of forts and fortresses across Goa you need to catch up with.

The fertile land of Goa was always a piece of paradise that many a ruler coveted. And the monarch who held Goa built forts and fortresses to fend off the attack of the enemy. Most of these forts are now in ruins but offer an insight into the construction skills of the bygone rulers. Since most of the forts are on headlands, they also offer fantastic views of the scenic beauty of Goa.

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