The beginning

Cotigao has much to offer for the avid bird watcher.

The next morning

I’ve woken up the friends I’m staying with at 6.30 in the morning so I can get to Cotigao in time.

The night

I hear the unmistakable call of the Jerdon’s nightjar.

The next day

Encounters with a solitary leopard at Cotigao!

Quiet and unassuming Cotigao has a wonderful story to tell

I notice that whenever I tell my friends I’m going to Cotigao Wildlife sanctuary or Mollem National park, they always give me a surprised look. They are curious. What do you find there? My answer is birds. I can see from their faces though that they are not very impressed. And not because they don’t care about birds. They do. But they never seem to find them. I can sympathize with them. I often go to Cotigao and notice the odd tourist couple riding around on a noisy scooter, looking for some activity.

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