The antiquities and objects of art and cultural importance are exhibited thematically so as to depict different aspects of Goan history and culture.

‘Goa Chitra’

The latest museum opened its doors on All Souls’ Day, the 2nd November 2009 as a mark of respect to the departed whose implements are showcased there.

Xavier Museum

A museum that has put together religious artefacts selected for symbolic expressiveness and artistic beauty.

Pilar Seminary Museum

The Pilar Seminary Museum is located on a hillock in the neighbourhood of the ancient Gopakapattana port and the Raj Vibhi (royal road) of the kadambas, 12 kilometres from Panaji

Museum of Houses of Goa

A museum housed in a traffic island? Strange but true.

Naval Aviation Museum

The Naval Aviation Museum houses a collection of memorabilia from Indian Aviation history.

The Cross Museum

‘The Cross Museum’, situated at Loutolim, is the smallest and most off beat of them all.

‘Casa Museu Vicente Joao de Fegueiredo’

‘Casa Museu Vicente Joao de Fegueiredo’ is the aspiring project of Dona Maria Lourdes who has converted her heritage house into a beautiful museum.

The Archaeological Museum situated at Old Goa has been functioning since 1964 from the convent of St. Francis of Assissi.

Get a deeper insight into Goa by peeping into its past

Travel through the forgotten past and rich history of Goa at museums that house the ancient treasure trove, which tell a tale of their own. Explorers have treaded the Goan hinterlands and archaeological sites and their finds have found their way into museums – some government, others private. It is well worth one’s while to get the bigger picture of Goa – piece by piece at its museums!

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