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Goa Map
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    Goa’s unique mix of Indian and Portuguese culture combined with a verdant landscape attracts people from all over the world. Goa offers a wide variety of landscapes and experiences; from warm sandy beaches to imposing churches, from exciting nightlife to water sports, from wildlife sanctuaries to spice plantations. Goa is the ultimate spot to indulge in!

    Getting there

    Dabolim airport is the lone airport of Goa, and well connected by regular charters to international destinations and domestic flights to all major Indian cities. Interstate buses ply to destinations in Maharashtra, Karnataka and beyond. Indian Railways provides direct train services from Hyderabad, Mumbai, Mangalore, Bangalore, Trivandrum and many more cities.

    Quick Facts

    With its rich history embedded in Portuguese and Indian heritage, there are many indulgences for travellers in Goa

    The Beaches
    Goa boasts of more than 50 beaches along a 103 km coastline. Some beaches such as Calangute, and Baga offer an active nightlife and shopping, while some lesser known ones such as Palolem, and Ashvem are relatively quieter getaways.
    Churches and Forts
    The Portuguese influence in Goa gave rise to churches, forts and buildings of magnificent architecture. Adding to the mix are a number of historic temples and mosques which have existed before the advent of the Portuguese.
    Wildlife Sanctuaries
    Teeming with diversity in flora and fauna, Goa’s natural sanctuaries interspersed with mountains, rivers and streams are a regular draw for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts.