• About

    Dona Paula is located 7 kms from Panaji and is also famously known as Lover’s Paradise. The name is based on a romantic myth, named after Dona Paula de Menezes, who is said to have hurled herself off a cliff into the ocean when she was forbidden to marry a local Goan fisherman, Gaspar Dias.

    Getting there

    The airport at Dabolim is 28 kms away, and a cab from the airport takes approximately 45 mins to reach Dona Paula. The nearest railway station is 18 kms away at Karmali, and prepaid taxis can be booked just outside the main station. The closest bus stand is the Panaji bus stand about 7 kms away. Buses take longer owing to multiple stops along the way. Getting around in Dona Paula is best done on foot or rented two wheelers, which are easily available in the area.

    Quick Facts

    • Due to the romantic myth associated with Dona Paula, thousands of tourists visit the Jetty to enjoy the tranquil waters and also indulge in a wide range of watersports during season time, such as snorkeling, windsurfing, etc.
    • The Cabo Raj Niwas, most commonly known as the Governor’s House is usually out of bounds for the common man, but its majestic gates open every Sunday for the Holy Mass at the chapel where the tomb of Dona Paula resides.
    • The British cemetery at Dona Paula is one of the few reminders of the British occupation in Goa in 1799. Said to be more than 180 years old, the British cemetery has 56 gravestones and was built in 1802.