• About

    Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary is known for its extensive variety of wildlife and is covered with deciduous forests. It is also known to be the home for a variety of bird life and consists of a botanical garden, zoological park, deer safari park as well as ecotourism cottages for travelers from around the world.

    Getting there

    Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary is located off the national highway (4a). The closest railway station is at Collem (28 kms). The Dabolim airport is 70kms away. However it is best to travel to Bondla by hiring a taxi or a private vehicle as the journey is long and tedious.

    Quick Facts

    • The Bondla wildlife sanctuary is relatively small (8kms), but it consists of intriguing safari parks, botanical gardens, and even a Nature education centre with an attached library that caters to providing information about the surrounding flora and fauna.
    • The deer safari park enables visitors to observe Sambar deer’s and spotted deer’s from a close and comfortable range of their vehicles.
    • Bondla boasts of a variety of bird life and has more than hundred different species of birds. The Park Range office at the sanctuary can be contacted for details on bird watching.
    • The wildlife sanctuary also regularly conducts nature trails and has high towers from where one can observe wild animals such as Gaur, Sambar, Wild boar etc. The sighting of these animals is however based on pure luck.
    • The wildlife sanctuary also consists of a few Hindu carvings that were found at the time of construction and were believed to be hidden at the time of Portuguese Christian inquisitors.