• About

    Betul beach is a popular beach of south Goa known for its cheap and fresh seafood supply. Betul is a small scenic village in South Goa where fishing is the main occupation.

    Getting there

    Betul is 17 kms away from the Margao railway station. The beach is situated at 37 kms from the Dabolim airport of Goa and a cab ride will take approximately 45 minutes to get to Betul. You can also board a local bus from the Margao bus station, although the frequency of these buses are very low.

    Quick Facts

    • Betul beach is popularly known for its fishing, and fresh seafood supply. One can observe the colorful jetty’s bringing in the day’s catch. Betul is also known for producing Goa’s finest and largest mussels that are hauled to the banks by the local divers.
    • There are a number of restaurants and shacks that offer food and accommodation on the beach. The Blue Whale, open during season time is a restaurant of the Bamboo House Goa Hotel. It is popular among visitors for its tasty cuisine and offers varied delicacies of seafood.